England (UK) Give Opportunity to get Citizenship

England (UK) Give Opportunity to get Citizenship . Many Europeans have failed to live up to their dream of living in Britain since Brexit came into effect.

Many of them live in the UK but their families live in Europe. Although the implementation of Brexit has made it difficult for these European citizens to live in the UK with their families, many feel that this opportunity has not yet been fully exhausted.

In the last three to four years, more than 50,000 European citizens of Bangladeshi descent from various countries, including Italy, Spain and Portugal, have had the opportunity to live permanently in the UK.

Many live permanently in the UK but their families live in different EU countries. However, due to the recent implementation of Brexit and the ongoing cowardly situation, many have not been able to leave the country and settle down in the UK with their families.

England (UK) Give Opportunity to get Citizenship

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England (UK) Give Opportunity to get Citizenship
England (UK) Give Opportunity to get Citizenship

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How to Apply for Get UK Visa and Citizenship

The good news for them is that by June 30, citizens of any country in the world. Including Bangladesh, EU citizens living in the UK can apply for permanent residency. In the country with the correct proof of relationship with their family members. Which is known as ‘pre-settlement’.

The ‘pre-settlement’ application was closed on December 31. But in the meantime, family members and close relatives of those.

Whose applications have been accepted will be able to go to the UK by June 30.  Apply for pre-settlement with family references. Even if a new entrant from Bangladesh can get pre-settlement. Expatriate Bangladeshis living in Europe consider this a great opportunity in the current situation.

If the current Corona situation is brought under control, the concerned people think that the way will be opened for fulfilling the dream of a few thousand more expatriate Bangladeshis to live in the UK.

How to apply Bangladeshi people to Get England citizenship


Bangladeshi all of the willing dwellers can apply to get UK Citizenship to follow the upper link. You also can see the UK Visa and Citizenship providing process.